2018 BMW 2-Series Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos


The 2018 BMW 2-Series is a competent coupe with plenty of power—even in base trim.

If the names aren’t familiar, then the 2018 BMW 2-Series’ MO should be. Whether as a 230i or as a M240i, the two-door coupe or convertible with the Bavarian roundel is the spiritual successor to the lightweight, prep-school mainstays that popped the brand’s collar in the States.

We give the 2018 BMW 2-Series a solid 6.8 out of 10 on our overall scale thanks to its attitude on the road and in the parking lot—it just looks sharp. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

Not much has changed for the 2-Series this year aside from some package reshuffling, a couple new paint colors, and some small improvements. That’s not a bad thing, we say—if it ain’t broke, you know.  

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A base BMW 230i starts at $35,795, including destination, and will tempt many as the most affordable offering on the lot. As far as relatively inexpensive two-door luxury coupes go, the 230i is one of our favorites because base models showcase two delights about owning a BMW: a tight, composed driving feel with a willing engine and smart interiors; and, the automaker’s unflappable dedication to emptying wallets. Want proof? The 2018 BMW 230i’s base price is $1,600 more than last year’s model, with power-adjustable front seats as the only tangible evidence of improvement from the automaker.

In other words, the 230i goes long on myriad options and performance upgrades even though the coupe is short.

Want to know a secret? The 2018 BMW M240i is shockingly fun and relatively good value at just over $46,000. Our colleagues at Motor Authority may have picked its bigger brother, the M2, as their Best Car to Buy 2016, but we find no faults at saving several thousands of dollars and opting for the M240i.

The BMW 2-Series isn’t the most spacious, and BMW’s habit of charging much for little is evident in these models ($300 for Apple CarPlay!), but if the reservations are for two only, the 2-Series is plenty filling.