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A Massive Thank You for Coming to Our Le Mans Party!

A Massive Thank You for Coming to Our Le Mans Party!

We cannot thank you all enough for making the trek out to Red Hook in Brooklyn for our 2019 LeManstravaganza to watch race cars, eat food, drink booze and paint with us. It was such a kickass time!

Over the weekend, at least 200 people showed up over the course of the event to watch the 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans race with us. There was a boozy breakfast, a French-themed food truck for lunch, a barbecue dinner, midnight ice cream sundaes and a true New York City breakfast of bagels, and lox, plus some fruit and coffee.

Meanwhile, there was a Forza and Gran Turismo tournament, RC car racing, a frankly fantastic drink and draw painting session (pictured at the top of this post), movies, two live carspotting tours of the neighborhood, a very upbeat trivia that did involve a lot of Robby Gordon knowledge, and a fitness session at dawn. I have pictures of you troopers attending all of that. I hope Alanis was kind to you. (I’m sure she was.)

We want to extend a special thank you Porsche for bankrolling this entire operation, and to The Hamilton for their wonderful hospitality and taking on the herculean task of keeping all of us fed and watered. Did anyone have one of those spinach and feta quiche things for breakfast? They were the shit.

And also to ProSho Sound for setting up all the screens, streams and speakers. It looked incredible.

Then there’s Brian, who brought out his beautiful Tornado Red Volkswagen Jetta; Ryan, who contributed a unicorn E63 AMG wagon; and Mike, who trotted out his lovely, blue Ford Focus RS. We didn’t mean to recreate the French Tricolor, but it was coincidentally appropriate. Also a little shout out to our bud who rolled in with his 1977 Dacia just for kicks.

But most of all, thank you thank you thank you for spending your weekend with us. We hope you had a great time because we sure did. Your continued readership and support of this silly website means the world to us. Until next time!

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